Please tell us about the food and drink that you serve at services and other events. The result here is an estimate based on the best available figures for the carbon footprint of different foods.

Actual figures may vary according to how far the food you buy has travelled to get to you, whether it is from local sustainable sources, whether you use produce that is in season and even whether you grow your own!

Drinks and snacks – in a typical month, how many of the following are served?

Based on a 250g packet of filter coffee making about 30 cups of coffee.

Based on a bottle of squash being diluted 4:1 - i.e. a one litre bottle of "neat" squash produces five litres of ready-to-drink squash. 200ml servings.

200ml serving of any kind of fruit juice from a carton. Not freshly squeezed.

Based on packets of chocolate covered digestives.

Based on one cake serving eight people.

Meals – in a typical month, how many meals are made in church facilities and served at Sunday or weekday activities?

Eating meat

High meat-eater More than 100g per day
Medium meat-eater Between 50g and 100g per day
Low meat-eater Less than 50g per day

Some average weights:

  • Quarter pounder burger - 227g
  • Rump steak - 200g
  • Lamb chop - 150g
  • Chicken drumstick - 85g
  • Pork sausage - 60g
Total church food emissions: 0 kgCO₂
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