User Guide

Carbon Footprints

Carbon footprints belong to an organisation. The number of carbon footprints associated with each organisation is displayed by that organisation's name. To see more detail of the footprint, click/tap the organisation's name. All of the organisation's carbon footprints will be listed with a summary of the current total footprint in either tonnes or kilogrammes of CO₂.

Starting a footprint.

You can start a new footprint directly from the Dashboard, or if you're on the organisation's page already, there is a “Start a new footprint” button. Either will take you to the page where you setup your footprint:

Naming your footprint

A name is suggested based on the current date. Please feel free to change this to something that makes sense to you. There is no need to include anything related to the organisation or group though.

The footprint year

You will come across the term “footprint year” throughout the calculator. 360°carbon is designed to allow your organisation to track its footprint over time, and it's best to cover one year at a time. For most organisations this will mean lining the footprint year up with the organisation's financial year.

One thing to consider is a “Baseline Year”. This is a footprint against which other footprints can be compared in order to see progress over time (though you will be able to compare any set of footprints). A baseline year can be used to set targets for subsequent years and should be the earliest year for which you have a complete set of data for the five calculator categories (Energy, Travel, Food, Expenditure, and Waste & Water).

The calculator uses Defra Emissions Factors to calculate footprints. We have emissions factors going back to 2016 that cover all the calculator categories in sufficient detail. Defra publish factors every year and the new factors apply from July 1st of that year.

Once you start using 360°carbon we recommend that each footprint cover the same period.