User Guide


Before you start the Travel section of the calculator, please download a copy of the Travel Survey.

Data should be gathered “per vehicle” using the travel survey over a period of time that enables you to talk to everyone who would be considered a “regular attender” or a user of your organisation's facilities (see Your Organisation for guidance on defining the scope of your carbon footprint.

Public Transport

If you have chosen to fill in the Simple version of the form (rather than the Advanced version) enter the total distance travelled on any form of public transport. We have used a composite emissions factor for public transport based on data from the Department for Transport's Transport Statistics Great Britain 2019 report (page 13) that shows how usage of public transport is divided up:

Share of passenger journeys
National Rail21%
Light Rail & Tram4%

The majority of short journeys are made by bus, with the average journey being around 6 miles, compared to an average of approximately 28 miles travelled by train.