User Guide

Energy Footprint Tool

The Church of England has developed an Energy Footprint Tool (EFT) as part of the annual Parish Returns system. The tool is designed to enable Church of England churches to estimate their carbon footprint and their energy efficiency – after entering all their data, a church will receive an emissions rating per m² and per person hour.

In order to complete the EFT, you or your parish administrator will need a login to the Parish Returns System website.

Linking to the Energy Footprint Tool

If you have registered an organisation as a Church of England church and entered a six digit church code, when you visit the Energy section of the calculator we will attempt to retrieve and download any relevant energy data from the EFT for use in 360°carbon.

The EFT allows you to enter energy data for your main church building and then groups all other buildings together. If you have only one building associated with your church and the EFT data only includes data for the main church building, we'll import the data directly. Otherwise you'll be offered the opportunity to review the data from the EFT and decide where to put it in the 360°carbon Energy section.

If you have already entered and saved data in the Energy section, we will not over-write it with data from the EFT.