It is possible to estimate carbon emissions relating to expenditure across a number of categories – you can read more about how we do that in the User Guide.

The best source for information for this section is your church accounts. If you don't use a certain category, simply leave it blank.

How much does your church spend annually in the following categories?

Includes ongoing maintenance of buildings and land (mowing the lawn!) and repair of buildings where the church is responsible for those costs. Excludes new construction.

Includes the purchase of any computer or electronic equipment (PCs, laptops, phones, printers, etc.). Also includes consumables such as toner and ink, but excluding printer or copier paper.

Costs for using an external, professional printing services. Doesn't include use of church owned printers/photocopiers.

Any paper-based consumables including for printers and copiers.

Includes any kind of insurance purchased for and by the church - buildings, car/minibus, indemnity, events, etc.

Relates to expenditure on items such engaging the services of outside consultants - quantity surveying, any technical or scientific services.

Includes costs associated with attending training courses and events such as conferences for professional development within the context of church life. Excludes cost of hotels and travel.

Total expenditure emissions: 0 kgCO₂
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