Waste & Water

Please tell us about how you dispose of waste, and how much water you use.

We have assumed that an average bin bag weighs about 8.5kg. An average small wheelie bin will typically hold approximately 20kg of waste, whilst a large (4 wheel) wheelie bin can hold up to 30kg. This allows for waste in bags and bins not being completely compacted - i.e. no overloading.

In a typical month, where does your church's waste go?
Recycled (Dry waste)

This is general, dry waste (glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.) that would go for recycling – either by kerbside collection or by being dropped at a local Council recycling centre.

Other waste to landfill

Waste that is sent to landfill, usually via weekly or bi-weekly refuse collection.

Food (separated and composted)

Food waste that you compost on site, and that doesn't go to landfill or "commercial" recycling/composting.

What is your church's annual water usage?
Water supplied to property

Information about water consumption (and sewerage) should be available on your water bill.

Waste water (Sewerage)
Total church waste & water emissions: 0 kgCO₂
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