Carbon Footprint for St Catherine's Towersey

Total Annual Emissions: 3.59 tCO₂

Between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2020:
  • A total of 692 people visited your church giving an average carbon footprint of 5.18 kgCO₂ per person.
  • The building was used for a total of 156 hours for an average footprint of 22.99 kgCO₂ per hour.
Energy: 0 kgCO₂
Main Building: 0 kgCO₂
Electricity1,800 kWh/year0 kgCO₂
Travel: 163 kgCO₂
Congregation: 120 kgCO₂
Average petrol car336 miles/year120 kgCO₂
Staff: 43 kgCO₂
Average petrol car120 miles/year43 kgCO₂
Food: 44 kgCO₂
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Cups of tea120/year1 kgCO₂
Cups of coffee300/year16 kgCO₂
Packets of biscuits24/year27 kgCO₂
Expenditure: 1.27 tCO₂
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Building and grounds£6,600/year927 kgCO₂
Telephone and internet services£270/year51 kgCO₂
Postage£100/year28 kgCO₂
Professional Printing£150/year67 kgCO₂
Stationery£100/year72 kgCO₂
Acountancy and auditing£150/year10 kgCO₂
Insurance£1,200/year119 kgCO₂
Waste & Water: 2.11 tCO₂
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Other waste to landfill600 × bin bags/year2.10 tCO₂
Food (separated and composted)12 × bin bags/year1 kgCO₂
Water supplied to property6 m³/year2 kgCO₂
Waste water (Sewerage)6 m³/year4 kgCO₂

Carbon Footprint 2020