User Guide


The Dashboard is your starting point for all activity on the 360°carbon website.

There are two ways that you'll likely arrive at the Dashboard:

  1. You have created and activated a new account.
  2. You have been invited to join a group.

1. A new account

When you create and activate your account you will be taken to the Dashboard. As it is the first time visiting the Dashboard you'll be presented with the page shown below:

When you create an account you are automatically added to a Group. Unless you want to invite other people to work with you, you can ignore groups altogether. You will, however, need to do add an Organisation - either a church, synagogue or charity.

Once you have created your first organisation you will be able to start calculating its carbon footprint.

2. Joining a group

If you have been invited to join a group you will see the Group you have been invited to, as well as any Organisations that belong to that group.