User Guide


When you sign up for a new account at 360°carbon you are automatically added to a group called “My 360°carbon Group”. If you want to work with other people this is the group you will invite them too. Clicking the group name on the Dashboard will take you to a page where you can invite others to join you.

Every group has both members and organisations – at least one of each. A group can have up to six members, though more “slots” can be requested by contacting There is no limit on the number of organisations a group can have.

You can access your Group from a pop-up menu by clicking/tapping your name:

Using Groups

How you use groups is up to you, but the basic idea is that a group reflects the people who will be working together to calculate carbon footprints for an organisation (or number of organisations).

  • For a single church, small business or charity, the group should represent the church itself.
  • For organisations that are part of a larger grouping, such as a church that is part of a parish, circuit, ecumenical partnership or other grouping:
    • If one set of people will be doing all of the footprints for the whole grouping – create a single group, each church, small business of charity should then be an organisation.
    • If people in each church, small business or charity will be working on their own footprint, then a group should represent a single church, business or charity.

Sending Invites

If you are the group owner or an admin, you can send invite other people to join your group. You will need their name and email address. You then decide whether to make them an Admin or an Editor. Finally, choose whether to add them to “All Organisations” or just one of the organisations associated with your group.

Group Member Access

The person who created the group is the owner and can do more than admins. Group members have access to the following features depending on whether they are admins or editors:

View a group's details and members – click/tap the group's name.
Edit a group's name and details.
Invite new members to join the group.
Turn an Editor into an Admin.
Remove members from the group – an Admin can't remove other Admins, only the Owner can remove an Admin.
View an organisation's details and carbon footprints – click/tap the organisations's name.
Start a new carbon footprint for an organisation.
Edit an organisation's name and details.
Delete an organisation. If the organisation has footprints those will also be deleted. This cannot be undone!!
Add new organisations.