User Guide


When you sign up for a new account at 360°carbon you start with a blank slate. The first Quick Start task is to add a Group. When you add a Group to your account you are automatically Owner of that Group – this is a slightly higher level than either Admin or Editor (see below). Everyone with a user account can add new groups, and there is no limit to the number of groups that you create. If you have been invited to join a group then you will be either an Editor or an Admin, as set by the Group Owner.

Every group has both members and organisations – at least one of each. A group can have up to six members, though more “slots” can be requested by contacting There is no limit on the number of organisations a group can have.

Using Groups

How you use groups is up to you, but the basic idea is that a group reflects the people who will be working together to calculate carbon footprints for an organisation (or number of organisations).

  • For a single church or non-profit, the group should represent the church itself.
  • For churches that are part of a parish, circuit, ecumenical partnership or other grouping:
    • If one group of people will be doing all of the footprints for all the churches – create a single group, each church should then be an organisation.
    • If people in each church will be working on their own footprint, then a group should represent a single church.

Group Member Access

Group members have access to the following features:

View a group's details and members – click/tap the group's name.
Edit a group's name and details.
Invite new members to join the group.
Turn an Editor into an Admin.
Remove members from the group – an Admin can't remove other Admins, only the Owner can remove an Admin.