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Waste & Water


This may be the hardest section of the calculator to complete as most organisation's don't tend to keep records of how much waste they produce. “Best guess” estimates for the amount of waste produced can be used here.

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins come in a number of different sizes. We have used the sizes and capacities as described by BritishBins Ltd. The average weight of a bin bag full of waste is derived from a study produced by Lawmens Waste & Environmental Services. The figure for “Average Waste Weight” in the table is the amount of waste the bin will hold with an average number of 8kg bin bags of waste. Generally, councils don't like bins to be overfilled and may even refuse to move them if they are - so these numbers will be fairly accurate for most uses.

CapacityBin Bag CapacityAverage Waste Weight (kg)
120 litres2-320
240 litres (UK average domestic bin)3-532
360 litres6-752
660 litres10-1288
770 litres12-15108
1,100 litres15-20140


This section relates only to water supplied by pipe to your building(s). If you gather rain from guttering to store and use, that is not to be included.

If your building is on an unmetered connection then use a best guess estimate of water consumption. Generally, water supplied to the property and waste water should be equal – i.e. water in = water out.